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A Gentleman’s Guide to Rock the Bow Tie Look This Summer

The summer season is in its full vigor, and for all the style dudes out there, this is the right time to experiment with ‘bow ties’. Originally introduced in the 17th century, bow tie is one of the major accessories for men that have continually survived the ebbing trends of men’s fashion. It is, and will always stay in vogue for several generations to come.


Hence, if you are someone, who loves to create his own style statement, don an immaculate piece of this sophisticated accessory, right away. But, before you do that, make sure you know how to carry the look, like a dapper man. Here we go –

When to Wear It?

If you take style seriously, you should know that bow tie is a classy thing that oozes elegance out of your personality. So, don’t you dare mistake the look!!

Men knitted bow ties are not just limited to formal occasions, viz. weddings, horse-racing or garden parties; you can also flaunt the look at parties or events, where you need not to put on the so-called ‘formal protocol’. It is an ever green fashion accessory that will keep your debonair personality alive.

Bow Shapes

While flaunting the look, you cannot just stick to the classic traditional way of tying the bow. You are unique, and you need to stand apart from the crowd. So, do check out some amazing bow shapes or styles that will make the crowd (especially girls) go gaga over your looks.

  • The Butterfly: If you are a newbie in the world of bow ties, this is where you should begin with.

  • The Diamond Point: If you prefer an asymmetrical look, this is the right style for you.

  • The Batwing: It is a slim bow tie with flat ends. Hence, it is best suited at times when you need to put on ‘a less formal’ look.

  • The Rounded Club: This is the least formal of all the bow styles that you’ll ever come across in life.

Lastly, Something That Cannot Be Missed!!

Now, when we are at the end of the guide, here’s something very important that cannot be missed.

  • Ideal Fabric:Bow ties do come in a variety of fabrics and textures, such as cotton, silk, velvet, worsted wool, ribbed and many more options. However, men’s silk bow ties have the highest demand in the current fashion trend.

  • Ideal Colors:Generally, colors like light blues and pinks go very well with the ‘sophisticated bow tie’ look.

  • Ideal Prints: Besides the traditional white and black print, you can try out trendy options in geometrical, polka dots, stripes, plaid and quirky prints.

It’s high time that you must look for some lucrative bow ties for men sale online. Have a huge collection and show-off your look, wherever you go!      

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Fashion Magazine says, “Bow Ties are the hottest trend in the fashion industry”

Style should be all about how you will comfortable with your walk. Don’t feel panic, if the runways and the new styles flying into the shop that left you confused which one to pick that can complement your fashion sense. As per the recent statement of famous men’s fashion guru mark on a magazine, “new trend in fashion comes and go but mens black leather bow tie is always in the hottest trend in the fashion industry since vintage times.”

Bow tie is considered one of the formal accessories that every fashionista should have in his wardrobe. Whether you want to look professional for a formal occasion, such as a wedding or engagement, what you need is to put your best bow ties groomsmen that catch the eye of every guest eyes towards you. Every girl wants a  man who look the best in the crowd and gets all the limelight of the occasion.

Keeping this in mind, several opinions of bloggers were conducted, in order to discover their opinion about bow ties. Some of them are mentioned as under –

  • Wearing a bow tie is a cool and fashionable thing to do.
  • Add a classy touch to the men’s attire
  • Doctor thinks these are the coolest accessory
  • Bow ties have sex appeal
  • Formal accessory so fit in at weddings, parties, and funerals
  • Imparts a finishing touch to men’s outfit

Now you've cleared about the significance of bow ties in the fashion industry, it's time to invest in the bare bones if you don't own them already. These are always the essential accessory for men that go with almost anything and never go out of the trend. Their vast variety in the online store can make your most productive time a little consuming so, you only need to have a weeding purpose, office, dating or graduation bow ties that make you look effortlessly stylish, yet sophisticated. If you really want to improve your fashion sense, go for the bowties to make you look endlessly elegant.

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